Praying the Psalms: Covid_19

I once heard a very renowned evangelist say, “…the Psalms are David’s own prayers, pray your own prayers…”. I understand that he was correcting people’s error of empty rhetorics in prayers and mindless prayers rituals. However over the years I have realized that the prayers of the Psalmists are not too different from my prayers. In fact, the Psalmists have been able to express my emotions and ‘prayer points’ better than I am able to do most times. The broad range of feelings and expressions in prayers have been exemplified by the Psalmists. While Jesus was going through His sunny and gloomy days, He prayed and quoted the Psalms often. In fact the sermons of Moses recorded in the book of Deuteronomy and the Psalms were what Jesus quoted the most.

I am not saying the Psalms contain powerful and mysterious chants that just need to be recited when you want to wade off evil or conjure a miracle. I am saying the Psalms is spirit inspired and part of the canon. Therefore it’s God given word to, and for us. It contains a lot of Spirit-animated, hope-filled and candid prayers. Just the way prayers are meant to be!
Psalms are best used when they are meditated upon; when the words the Psalmists used in their own prayers are eaten and recapitulated in your own words and in your own way. You can chant, cry, sing and groan. Just allow the spirit animate you and be sincere in your prayers. Whatever you are going through at the moment, one of the Psalmists have had a similar experience and have sang or prayed about it. If you are short of words and expressions in prayers, you can lend from the Psalmists.
As the whole world continues to grapple with the novel Covid_19 pandemic, the Holy Spirit through the Psalmist can calm you fears, boost your confidence and employ you in heartfelt intercession. For example, in Psalms 91, the Psalmist sang of God’s rescue from danger such as plagues, and protection from harm such as ‘arrows’, ‘terror’ and ‘destruction’. The plague around today is probably not the same the Psalms was referring to. The ‘arrows’, ‘terror’ and ‘destruction’ the Psalmist was praying against may not be the same humanity is experiencing today. Nevertheless the God who rescues and protects is the same One forever. He is still mighty to save and He continues to rescue and protect. If you need help in the place of prayer this season of #Coronavirus pandemic, Psalms 91 is very helpful.
If you think it’s not a good idea to draw from, and employ the Spirit-inspired Psalms in personal prayers, you can pray as the Spirit leads you. Make sure you pray hope-filled, Spirit-animated and candid prayers. You would be praying a Psalms unaware anyways, because the Spirit is one and human experiences are essentially similar only superficially different.

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