Meditations on Romans 3:23

Everyone has sinned and fallen short of God’s glorious standard‘ Romans 3:23 (NCV)

Although many reject the authority of the Bible and its vivid assertions on sin, not too many can deny that there is some kind of objective rule of perfection acknowledged by all people and that no one has actually ever fulfilled this perfect standard. The acknowledgment of this is an indication of God’s universal revelation; His way of revealing Himself to humanity in a fashion that is easily grasped by all people.

Isn’t it quite remarkable that one of the words for sin in the Bible is hamartia? Hamartia is a Greek word which implies “to miss the mark”- if an archer’s arrow misses the bull’s eye, it is said to be hamartia. “Missing the mark” does not fully depict the connotation of sin in Scripture, but it sure offers an all-important viewpoint on transgression. This means that sin is not simply ‘crossing the line’ and breaking God’s law, but it is principally the ineptitude of mankind to do all that God necessitates.19030707_1829207667398213_3073260080202360645_n

No matter how obedient you have been to God, you will always lack something; this is because nothing you do is ever good enough to fully meet His blameless requirements. It is, therefore apparent that man cannot save himself. If there is a righteous God in heaven to Whom this dilapidated humanity is answerable to, we will always fall short of His standard of perfection, hence we desperately need a Savior- and what a Savior we have in Jesus!!