Meditations on 1 Corinthians 1:8-9

God has called the believer into the same fellowship He has with His son Jesus. He has chosen to share with the believer the very life and the intimacy that exists between them. The architect of this is God not man, it is too lofty for mankind to desire it. All man wanted is to be a slave and a ‘mere’ subject of the Supreme Being (and that is what religion is all about), but then God got us started on a spiritual adventure of fellowship. On this adventure, man now shares in the very life and nature of God through His Son and our Lord Jesus (and this is way out of the league of religion).

This whole thing got started when God sent us all an invite, an invite to be partakers with Christ in a genuine intimacy with Him; the intimacy He also graciously sustains in His faithfulness. This, therefore, suggests that the only part the believer plays in this eternal adventure is to RSVP the invite. That’s all! God initiated it and He keeps it going, the believer cannot and did not call himself into this fellowship neither will his unfaithfulness jeopardize the intimacy because the fellowship was offered in God’s call and sustained by God’s faithfulness.

This does not in any way suggests that the believer can be reckless and treat with contempt the privilege of fellowship we enjoy with the Father through His son Jesus, but it actually means that God will not go back on His call to fellowship because a believer fails or falters. The fellowship is not based on the believer’s faithfulness but on God’s!