Is God now lenient with sin?

God sent His Son to be the savior of a world overtaken by sin and its awful consequences. In that saving role, Jesus Christ the Savior absorbed the full weight of God’s INFINITE HATRED OF SIN. On the Cross, God poured out His full wrath; judging the sin of the world as every sin was punished in Christ in full! (Isaiah 53:6&10)

Do not mistake the gospel of grace to be God’s leniency towards sin. The Holy God of the Bible cannot and will never condone sin. Before Him sin is judged just as the butter melts before the heat, this, in fact, is what the Bible refers to as the wrath of God; not God’s anger but His divine nature that utterly frowns at sin.

In His ‘wrath’ He sought to take care of the sin menace once and for all by imputing the sin of the world on Jesus the savior of the world, God then judged sin in Him for all men and for all time. No leniency, no tolerance there, no permissiveness in sight!

1569891069466717540_17126194_editLeniency would be God overlooking our sin. Rather, grace means He looked sin in the eye and blasted it with the hot breath of righteous indignation. Leniency would be God permitting sin. Rather, grace means God, having judged sin in Christ Jesus at Calvary He now empowers us to live sin-free. Leniency would mean that Calvary was absolutely unnecessary because sin necessitates that somebody dies- either the sinner must die, God’s holiness dies, or a substitute (someone in place of the sinner) dies. If the sinner dies, that would be justice; it is what every sinner deserved. If God’s holiness dies, He would be denying Himself and He would become unjust; this is impossible. If a substitute dies in place of the sinner, then God can maintain His integrity and holiness while at the same time accepting sinners as their justifier instead of condemning them. Gracefully, this is the option God chose, that He might be the just and the justifier (see Romans 3:26).

This is grace the only grace the bible teaches and only the Bible teaches it. There is no other religion, belief, ideology or philosophy in all history that even comes close to this simple, logical and too-good-to-be-true message of God’s grace.

Don’t subtract Calvary; under no circumstances should you subtract the Crucifixion and the shed blood of Jesus, the imputation of your sins to Christ Jesus and His consequential sacrificial death in your place, from your conception of grace. For God to be kind to you, for God to forgive you, for God to embrace, accept, and love you, it actually REQUIRED THAT A BRUTAL EXECUTION TAKE PLACE (a punishment you well deserve for your sin).

Never forget this and never doubt that Christ’s death is all-sufficient. Let this keep you in holy astonishment; detesting lasciviousness.  Grace minus the Cross equals leniency and God hasn’t at any point grown lenient towards sin.

Ain’t you grateful for Christ’s sacrifice? How will you now lead your life? As if God overlooks sin or as though Christ was punished for all your sin? The former is the root of lasciviousness while the latter inspires a life of gratitude and reverence (Ephesians 4:1)