How Can This Happen?


Mary, a young Galilean girl is excited at the prospect of marriage to Joseph a word fashioner and a God-fearing, good-looking young man she has been betrothed to. Though intrigued by the budding of her own sexuality, she would often daydream about life together with Joseph while going about her domestic chores.

On this particular day, I imagine she brings water home in a jar from the well when an angel announced to her that she would conceive and bring forth a son who would be the saviour of the world.

Most times when God’s mind is revealed to us or when His promises are made to us, we all like Mary begin to imagine the possible ways by which this will-of-God might be fulfilled. We add and subtract, multiply and divide. We enact and re-enact all the possible scenarios in our minds, weigh in all our options, play in all the odds and factor in our obvious advantages. We ask ‘the how’, ‘the when’ and ‘the where’ questions. A few times in our finite human minds, we find a possible way for Him to do what He says He will do, we get answers for our questions but yet not without a lot of ‘ifs’.

However most times, we never will nor can we actually find a possible way here on earth for him to accomplish what He has set out to do with our finite minds. We will never be able to get answers. The more we try to reason things out, the more confused and subsequently frustrated we get. We’re just like Mary, she tried to figure out how a virgin girl like her would get pregnant, she murmured in confusion to the angel about her being without husband and therefore could not get legitimately intimate with a man (since the only humanly possible way of their age for a virgin girl to get pregnant is for her to get intimate with a man).

The angel replied that the Holy Spirit would come upon her and the power of the Most-High would overshadow her. Waoh! the power of God which makes humanly impossible things possible would be made available to her and He would work within her to accomplish what God has promised.

The angel went on to stir up her faith by sharing with her that her elderly cousin, Elizabeth who has passed child bearing age and dubbed barren, is now with child and this was made possible by the same Holy Spirit that would come upon her. Now Mary must have realized that she has assumed too wrongly that intimacy with a man is the only way to be with child, with Elizabeth being with Zechariah her husband all her adult life yet she has been without child until now.

God would always bring His counsel to pass no matter the impossibilities that surround it; whether it’s virgin Mary or ‘menopause’ Elizabeth, God can make both conceive, whether it is premature or long-overdue, nothing is too difficult for God to do!

Whatever God says He would do, I encourage that we quit trying to figure out how, where, why He would do it because when we do, we attempt to contain the limitless God into our limited minds and restricted ways, remember He once said ‘His ways are not our ways neither is His thought our thoughts….’ We should rather relax and trust Him as He has promised that neither our strength nor our power would accomplish these things but only by His Spirit.

We should throw ourselves at God in absolute surrender, not doubting but holding on to His word, like Mary did in confessing ‘behold your handmaiden, be it unto me according to your word’. And we, also like her would see that impossibilities would be made possible and usually not in a conventional way!