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Meditations on Romans 5:12–14


#ReadCarefully #PleaseShare #CommentsAreWelcome Unfortunately, none of us came into the world in a state of moral neutrality. We were not born innocent but were already deserving of death even at birth. This is because, since the fall the naturally-conceived-and-born descendants of Adam are with no exception legally guilty of sin and subject to its damning consequences. If [...]

Meditations on Romans 5:12–14 2018-06-23T08:07:50+00:00

What is the unforgivable sin?


‘And the teachers of the law…said, “He is possessed by Beelzebul! By the prince of demons, he is driving out demons.” So Jesus called them over to him and began to speak to them…If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand...In fact, no one can enter a strong man’s house without first [...]

What is the unforgivable sin? 2017-05-30T14:18:32+00:00

Obedience vs Disobedience


God made man in His image (resemblance, figure, and representative) and likeness (similitude, manner, and functionality), gifted with the power of choice. He sure didn’t want robots and puppets to push around. Rather, in His authentic love for man, He desired that man would choose Him the same way He had chosen us. Unfortunately man [...]

Obedience vs Disobedience 2017-04-14T12:02:38+00:00

A Christian’s gain


Contentment has been relegated to the rear of the church today; it has been mistaken for mediocrity, lack of revelation and an evidence of demonic affliction. Our greed, covetousness, and lasciviousness now wear the costume of 'prosperity', 'overflow' and the likes. Godliness is now being perceived merely as a means of ‘great gain’ (to amass [...]

A Christian’s gain 2017-04-12T08:48:12+00:00

Correct to Build


Leprosy is a dreadful, contagious skin disorder. Its inauguration is imperceptible; only a few painless reddish spots which cannot be removed appear on the skin. This reddish spots will then become larger till it spreads over the whole skin; making the ear grow thick, the ends of the fingers, feet, and toes, swell, the nails [...]

Correct to Build 2015-08-21T14:06:21+00:00

When you pray, do these five things


Prayer is the most potent force on earth, more powerful than anything you have ever heard or seen. Prayer has divided seas, rolled up flowing rivers, made flinty rocks gush into fountains and quenched flames of fire. Lions have been muzzled, poisonous viper reduced to nothing, the charming moon stopped in its course, the blazing [...]

When you pray, do these five things 2018-06-23T08:46:13+00:00

Delayed Gratification


  Delayed gratification is the courage to give up short-term pleasure for long-term success. As opposed to instant gratification, delayed gratification is the sacrifice you make when you postpone a reward or satisfaction for later compensation. Research has shown that successful people have the ability to delay short-term reward for long-term gain. Professor Walter Mischel from [...]

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80 years of Loving and Living- A Tribute to my Mum’s Mum


Sarah Ajoke Oyewole In the last few days, I've had to tell a few people that my grandmother passed away, but every time I've said it, it sounded hallow. It sounded like just some person I am related to has passed on. Many even equated the loss of my grandmother to party-time. They [...]

80 years of Loving and Living- A Tribute to my Mum’s Mum 2015-03-02T12:33:27+00:00